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Hypnotherapy Corporate Package for Employee Mental Health

“A motivated and spirited employee is the best possible workforce.

The impact brought on by Covid-19 has changed the corporate work life. Working from home some of the time, or hybrid working has become the norm for many companies after the pandemic. As this new work model blurs the line between work and life, mental health and wellbeing at work have become a top priority. Indeed, the focus on nurturing employee well-being is critical to developing workplace resilience.

In this post-pandemic world of work, putting in place the right HR strategy to support employees’ well-being and mental health has become an important key metric in most organizations today. At Mind Your Health, we take this burden off you by offering a carefully planned and customized employee well-being corporate hypnosis program.


Attract and retain talents by looking after employee well-being

With Mind Your Health, we help you and your employees by listening and working together on your mental and emotional issues with empathy and total confidentiality.

Are your workers facing these problems?

Personal Problems Eating Disorders Stress Management Work Life Imbalance Behavioral Issues Imposter Syndrome Lifestyle Choices And More

Workplace Well-Being and Corporate Growth

We support your employees by providing group coaching and individualized mindset training that meet your company’s needs. We can work together to draft out and implement customized action plans that meet your company’s objectives which include but are not limited to the following:

Enhance overall work performance
Improve employee well-being and intent to stay
Increase productivity of a department or group
Improve overall job satisfaction
Provide support for interpersonal relationships
Promote positive business relations

What are the benefits you would get?

Cost Reduction

Reduce Recruitment Cost

Reduce Retraining Cost

Cut Medical Cost

Lower Absenteeism

Happier Employees, Healthier Organization

I founded Mind Your Health with the goal of helping people with poor mental health enhance their lives with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is completely safe. You are awake and you will be in control throughout the session. I provide several types of sessions, including hypnotherapy services for anxiety, depression, sleep, weight loss, smoking, and more. So if you have depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms, stress symptoms, or anger issues, you can try my hypnotherapy treatment.