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Mind Your Health provides regular programs and events both for the general public and workplaces. I enjoy sharing helpful insights to guide people to live the life they deserve.

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conscious conversations workshop

Conscious Conversations Workshop

Feeling unheard, misunderstood, or triggered during conversations? Join this curated workshop experience to deepen your ability to be present, collected and compassionate in your communication and relationships. ...
Webinar for IOI Properties Group

Webinar: Mastering the Art of Sleep

I am deeply honoured to have been invited once again to speak for IOI Properties Group Berhad in this morning's webinar. This time, the focus was on "Mastering the Art ...
webinar on workplace burnout

Webinar: Navigating Workplace Burnout

I recently spoke for IOI Properties Group Berhad on "Navigating Workplace Burnout" through a Zoom webinar. It was heartening to see more than 200 participants investing their time to delve ...
Explore hypnotherapy with dermatologists

The Interaction between Dermatology and Hypnosis

It was a true privilege and honor to hold a guided hypnosis session for a group of board-certified dermatologists. Read all about it here. ...


Delighted and deeply honored to have participated in the "World Mental Health Day 2023“ hosted by the Archdiocesan Mental Health Ministry (AMHM). During this engaging event, I had the privilege ...


森美兰华团联合会(森华联)青年团将于本月20日(星期六)晚上7时30分,在森州爱心专科医院礼堂举办“掌握情绪,掌握人生”讲座会,入场免费,希望大家踊跃出席。 ...


重新认识催眠:其为身心医学的临床工具。焦虑,失眠,疼痛:催眠治疗有用吗?掌握自我催眠技能,掌握您的人生。 ...
Building Mental Resilience Webinar

Building Mental Resilience Webinar

Feeling overwhelmed and burnout especially in this new era of work where many corporates are adopting the hybrid work model and the boundary between work and personal life continues to ...
Workplace Mental Health - RHB Centre

Workplace Mental Health

I had the honour of speaking to RHB Group employees about building mental resilience, and how hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help us rewire our anxious brains. ...

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I founded Mind Your Health with the goal of helping people with poor mental health enhance their lives with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is completely safe. You are awake and you will be in control throughout the session. I provide several types of sessions, including hypnotherapy services for anxiety, depression, sleep, weight loss, smoking, and more. So if you have depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms, stress symptoms, or anger issues, you can try my hypnotherapy treatment.