Anger issues may become a problem if it goes out of control which may harm us and others.

Anger is a normal human emotion that anyone can experience.

It is believed to be caused by our survival instincts, to protect ourselves.

Here, I list down all the common signs of anger and how you can control it.

Common Signs of Anger Issues

Feeling angry isn’t the only symptom. In fact, there are a few categories including, feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions.

Below are some of the most common anger issues signs:

You feel angry most of the time

It is fairly normal to feel angry at times but never regularly. If you feel like it is recurring at an alarming rate, you may have anger issues.

Anger issues not only include yelling, they may be in the form of impatience, frustration, demands, and intolerance.

Signs of Anger Issues and How to Control It

You have frequent mood swings

Mood swings can happen when you are too overwhelmed. When you feel it comes more than usual, this may be a sign of anger issues.

Not only will it ruin your relationship with people around you, but it may also cause you to feel utter regret if you don’t have it under control.

You are very critical

Sometimes, anger can cause you to lose focus on the actual problem and lead you to criticize others, even yourself.

Of course, constructive criticism is helpful but when you’re deliberately placing blame, you will eventually live with disappointment.

You hold on to grudges
Having arguments is normal. But, you should never hold on to negative emotions for long, especially if that person has shown remorse.

If you find yourself full of resentment that you just can’t let go of, it will cause you endless pain and suffering.

You lash out physically and/or verbally

Being violent with your words or actions is an evident sign that you have anger issues if it comes naturally to you.

It shows a lack of self-control which can be considered abuse if it is directed at someone else.

You are passive-aggressive

A passive-aggressive attitude may be in the form of gaslighting, sarcastic remarks, or masking your grudges.

This will lead to you becoming evasive with your emotions and avoidant towards people which will lead to anger issues.

How to Control Anger Issues

Anger issues are not a reflection of you as a person. It is a cause linked to your upbringing, past trauma, stress, and poor emotional support.

Signs of Anger Issues and How to Control It

If you find yourself relating to the signs above, here are some natural anger management tips to control them.

  • Take a few deep breaths before reacting
  • Use “I feel …. when you …..” instead of placing blame
  • Redirect your anger with calming silence, humor, or solace
  • Think before your react
  • Express your concerns when you are calm

What to do if it doesn’t work?
If controlling your anger by yourself seems difficult, you need to seek help.

One surefire way to help you actually resolve your anger issues is with hypnotherapy treatment for anger management.

Hypnotherapy for anger management includes an anger assessment to pinpoint the root of your anger problems.

If you’re not sure, it has been scientifically proven that hypnotherapy has a high rate of recovery (93%) with only 6 sessions compared to psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy.

Interested to try anger management hypnotherapy treatment? Get in touch for a FREE 30-minute chat with me.

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